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Coral Reef Groups
American Littoral Society (ALS) a national, not-for-profit, membership organization, dedicated to the environmental well-being of coastal habitat.
BVI ARK British Virgin Islands Association of Reefkeepers (NO affiliation to ReefKeeper International) promotes coral reef conservation locally.
Big Island Coral Reef Group reef monitoring & public awareness in Hawaii
Coral Cay Conservation volunteer reef research vacations in Belize, etc.
Coral Reef Alliance diver outreach, International Year of the Reef awareness
KAHEA KAHEA is an alliance of Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) cultural practitioners, environmental activists and others concerned with protecting customary and traditional rights and our fragile environment.
Planetary Coral Reef Foundation round-the-world-reef-research cruise; applied reef water quality research
Ocean Watch Foundation non-profit, grassroots, volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of the local coral reef ecosystems in Southeast Florida through marine conservation projects, education, and ocean cleanups
Reef Environmental Education Foundation volunteer reef fish surveys
ReefBase  Provides information on coral reef conditions in over 50 countries
ReefCare Curaçao coral reef conservation in Curaçao
ReefRelief mooring buoys, photo monitoring, water quality advocacy in the Florida Keys
ReefCheck annual worldwide volunteer reef assessments
Save a Reef a portal for those dedicated to preserving coral reef by free click donation.
Save Our Seas -- Kauai  reef monitoring and community organizing in Hawaii
Volvo Ocean Adventure an environmental and educational programme following the yachts taking place in the Volvo Ocean Race
General & Government Program Info
Coral Health & Monitoring Program EPA info on reefwater quality & problems
Coral Reef Research Institute reef research in Australia
EPA Coral Site EPA info on coral reefs
Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network to facilitate & coordinate a new worldwide reef monitoring system
International Coral Reef Initiative a worldwide multi-government effort
Secretariat Home Page based at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Institute for Tropical Marine Biology-ITME Academic progreams in marine ecology, research and conservation, engaging students in the advancement of marine science
Pacific Science Association Pacific reef news and coral reef science briefs


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