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How You Can Use a Laser Cutter to Start a Business

Tressa Gleason3 min read

A laser cutter can be a profitable tool for many business ideas. If you are thinking of starting your own laser cutting business, you need to visualize the products that…

Hours of Service: How Long Can Truck Drivers Drive?

Tressa Gleason3 min read

Trucking remains one of the most hazardous industries, with drivers having to maneuver an 80,000-pound vehicle for long hours. Large truck drivers have the highest rate of non-fatal injuries and illnesses,…

Monitoring Your Babysitter to Make Sure Your Children Are Fine

Tressa Gleason3 min read

For working parents like us, we have to rely on a professional babysitter or nanny to look over our kids while we’re at work. That setup will never sit well with us.…

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